Our partner, Ronnybrook Farms is a third-generation family owned and operated farm in Ancramdale NY. With a  passion for farming, Ronnybrook is committed to quality, demonstrated in the way they raise their cows and produce dairy products made in small batches, delivered at peak freshness, pasteurized and without the use of rBST.  Their brand Creamline was the inspiration for the restaurant. Farm fresh, american classic goodness. Ronnybrook provides the dairy products sold at Creamline and used to make Creamline’s delicious menu items, including Creamline's homemade fudge shakes!

Feather Ridge Farm Logo

Feather Ridge Farm in Columbia County, NY, is a fourth generation family farm that deeply believes you are what you eat. The cage free hens eat only high-quality 100% vegetarian feed milled on site from locally sourced whole-grains, free of antibiotics, hormones, and byproducts.  Feather Ridge takes pride in ensuring the well-being of their chickens, yielding the best tasting and most nutritious eggs possible.

Martin's Famous Potato Roll Logo

Martin’s bakes their buns from high quality ingredients that are “non-GMO”; soy, peanut, and tree nut free; and do not contain artificial coloring or the dough conditioner ADA. The high protein wheat flour delivers extraordinary taste and quality. Come try our true Creamline American Classic cheeseburger on Martin’s Big Marty’s bun.

Catskill Provisions Logo

Catskill Provisions is committed to producing and procuring 100% sustainable, raw, organic, local food products. Creamline is delighted to use Catskill Provisions maple syrup and honey as ingredients.



Another neighbor in Chelsea Market, Ninth Street Espresso provides Creamline with delicious premium coffee and coffee products to be used in Creamline's dishes. Come and enjoy breakfast at Creamline with a cup of NSE coffee or grab a cold brew coffee milkshake as a dessert.


Ninth Street Espresso Coffee Logo
Niman Ranch Logo

Niman Ranch is is the purveyor of all-natural meats.  Their 725 small family farmers are committed to sustainable and humane practices when raising their animals. Livestock are raised outdoors and amply bedded pens, they have access to fresh clean water, and may express their natural behaviors in healthy social groups. All farms are gestation crate-free and livestock density is kept well below conventional industry standards. All farmers are compensated adequately in order to maintain strict raising protocols and ensure the economic viability of their business, to  sustainably and humanely produce quality meats.  


Cayuga Pure Organics

CPO believes in building food systems that nurture the health of consumers and ultimately the long-term health of the community. We love using their ingredients to make our delicious American Classics.