The Creamline Story

Creamline refers to the layer of cream that naturally separates and rises to the top of milk.  This was something Americans once saw daily at home and in their local markets.  However, the commercialization of the milk industry has almost completely removed this natural effect. Iconic family farms like Ronnybrook, whose Creamline brand is legendary in New York, continues to produce milk the healthy wholesome old fashioned way, by raising their own herd, growing their own feed, not over producing and allowing their cows to milk on their own timetable.  This inspires us. So when it comes to preparing food for you, we prefer the old fashioned way - when a meal came from the farm and from people who were passionate about their bounty. The American classics we share with you are born from the same philosophy - sourced well, made well - and prepared with care and served with pride.